Friday, May 7, 2010

Dare you to show where you work

New fun group on Zibbet Community:

Zibbet Studios

A place to share where you work. What does your studio look like? A shed nestled in the shade of the trees in your backyard? A rented loft? A corner of your dining room? A nook in a closet? Share your stories and photos.

Join this group to post photos of the space you work in. Be it a rented loft, a backyard shed, a corner of a room, or closet turned office. 

Tell your stories.  Post photos.

Have you remodeled a room in your home to use a studio?

Does a cat sit like a gargoyle on your desk? 

Do you have dreams of a private secluded studio nestled in the shade of the trees in your back yard?

Join Zibbet Studios .......

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