Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Time for a Zibbet Update

Everyone has heard of Zibbet by now. But did you know:

Just in the last week they've sold over 300 Premium Accounts!  And over 200 were sold the week before that.

Zibbet has a new promotion going on.  Just $8 month for a Premium shop but.....over 250 sold already in 4 days, & only 214 left!

........That's what they said yesterday!!!!!

But I just checked and now there are only 155 left.

My shop has 95 sales already. So I just can't say enough great things about Zibbet. 


  1. hey there Judy!! i've been meaning to contact you for ages .. so truly glad everything is going well there for you. I'm working on new items to place over there too :D hope to see you there soon
    xox Kerrin

  2. Oh Kerrin, I am so HaPpY to hear from you! Did you get moved? All tucked into a new place?

  3. Good Morning! I have awarded you a Sunshine Award!

    Follow this link:

  4. Jennifer,
    Thanks. My blog post and awarding is done.


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