Thursday, December 24, 2009

Talk about childish...Etsy grow up!

Forum thread closed because I posted a link to information about Zibbet.
Not a referral link as HeyMichele says. Just a generic link. 


  1. Maybe Etsy has a good idea.
    And maybe Walmart should have a sign at the door that says, "No talking about K-Mart while on the premises."

    Disney World should have a sign that says, "No talking about Marineland while at Disney World."

  2. Etsy seems to be childish in all ways. Just before Christmas, they deactivated my store because of Artfire link I removed in September. Then they deactivated a second buyers only account, with no info, except for the same avatar.
    I sort of understood the store, but the other one. Seems like nah, nah you can't shop here.

  3. LOL. I had the same experience! Contacted them. What is wrong with competition? I was 'allowed' to mention other shops if I offer other items. Can't find anything in their policy though confirming this... mmmmm....


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