Thursday, September 3, 2009

Up until 1AM listing Halloween Buttons

Happy Halloween from Portable Graffiti.
This is one of my favorite holidays, so I listed lots of choices of Halloween buttons.


  1. Kewl Buttons!
    I knew you were a button fanatic but if you turn your living room into a button shop here will you live?
    gotta love ya,

  2. Wow, you have such awesome buttons!!! Loved them all, so creative!

    Thanks for joining my walking along list! Hope to see you often!

    Kisses from Nydia & Lucas.

  3. Btw, I couldn't resist and posted about your shop at my page, hope it's ok for you!

    Kisses from us.

  4. Keep us updated on how things go - your buttons are wonderful :)

  5. You are right! My mystery plant is a pumpkin! I blogged about it today.


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