Thursday, September 17, 2009

Look what you can do with a Zibbet Shop

I was perusing around the new Zibbet and discovered some really neat things. Not everyone's Shop Banners are the same size.

You can change the colors of your shop, even the Zibbet Logo, so that your entire shop is color coordinated or contrasting. You can make it quiet and serene or wild and bold.

There are way too many features to list them all, but your premium shop will have all the bells and whistles of any other venue of its kind. But even MORE. You can even have your Etsy or Artfire Mini right on the front page of your Zibbet. 

Here are a few shops I found you might like to check out to see the wide variety of looks you can achieve to make your unique web site. 

Melancholy Dwelling

Gee Lizzy

All About The Buttons

Risky Beads

Odd Artist

You can have a really professional, beautiful, unique web site like these and it is STILL just $7.00 month. Never more. Forevermore, if you get in now.

Click here to read more about it.

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