Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finally got a reply from Etsy


Your shop was shut down because it was in violation of our terms of use.

Etsy Support

Okay so um, what violation?

I feel like I was just kicked out of the office and not allowed to even take my brief case with me. All my customer contacts are there. I can't leave feedback for the last few customers I had.

It took me a full year to write all the copy for my 900+ items, all my copy and all my photos have been confiscated.

I thought for sure someone hacked into my etsy. I am flabbergasted that it was Etsy who deactivated my shop without any warning.

What kind of an organization does that?

I wonder what I did to make them shut my shop down?


And now my only income is gone.

If my customers see this, please contact me via the blog. I am NOT out of business. In fact I have been making stock like crazy from 9 AM until sometimes past midnight to get ready for the holiday season.

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