Sunday, August 9, 2009

Portable Graffiti and The Purple Rat do a craft show

Portable Graffiti and The Purple Rat do a craft show...

I have not done a craft show since 1990. So, this was an adventure. The tent and button displays, counters, banners, whole booth that I worked many years to perfect, no longer exists. So we just decided to wing it. We took our dining room table and just put buttons in tubs for people to sift through.

My daughter, The Purple Rat used the 2 chairs we brought with us and set an old board across them to make a table for her paintings and origami. I think it looked rather nice.

We stayed in the 100 degree heat all day and bought the most delicious Grouper Sandwich. We brought in $10.00 in sales, and spent $13.45 on a grouper sandwich and sweet potato fries to share.

There were even other Etsy shopkeepers there to talk to, which made for an enjoyable day.

We split at around 6 o'clock, I think; I don't wear a watch. And we got out and home just before the thunder, lightning and torrential downpour of rain.

So, all in all it was a lucky day. I had put my Etsy shop on vacation mode for the first time, and as it turns out there was no need to. As soon as I put the shop back to "open" I made several sales.

Moral of the adventure for me: Stay home and sell on Etsy. No more craft shows until I get back to the northeast.

[The rusty old "Stuff for Sale" sign was on a palm tree behind our tent.]


  1. exactly why I don't like outdoor craft shows (the weather)! I'm liking that tie dye shirt. That's what I do--tie dye!

  2. My daughter, The Purple Rat dyed the shirt she is wearing. I will have to check out your tie dyes. And I will.

  3. Her shirt looks fabulous! I haven't listed much yet in my shop. This has been a tough year. I have lots of stuff, but need human models. I tied dyed with a girl scout camp this summer and did a blog post on that. I am loving your buttons and will definitely be ordering at least one. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get it for my friend.


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