Friday, July 24, 2009

Me at the New York State Fair

Here's an old photo I just found. Me at The Fair, Syracuse, NY. This was the last year I did that fair after the arrival of my 2 daughters. Babies and Fairs are hard to juggle. Long hours selling.

The big round display to the left of me displays all the State Fair Buttons we sold.

I had a 20 foot tent filled with buttons. You are looking at only about 3 feet of the booth.

We had been making and selling buttons for 10 years when this photo was taken. This was our 7th year at the New York State Fair.

My babies are now both 19 years old. I'm one of those who adopted and then got pregnant. So my daughters are just 4 months apart in age. Virtual twins.

Now they are old enough to help me work the arts and craft fairs. But they are going to college. I think doing shows, at least at this magnitude, is history.

I am still going through some of the old stock. Might take me another year to get everything posted on line. So if there is anything you want, better just ask me if I have it.

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  1. great pic! WOW - that's a lot of buttons. Cute display. Are you going out to the state fair again? {:-D


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