Thursday, May 7, 2009

An awesome surprise from Cedar Wool Farm

I made my daily trek to the post office to get the mail and send out button orders. I wasn't expecting anything in the mail that day, so I was quite surprised to find a key in my post office box. The keys go to larger boxes where they put the packages that won't fit in the mailbox.

I wondered who it could be from. I was so surprised and delighted after opening it, when facing me was a beautiful colorful card with pictures of chickens and barns. I assumed it had to be someone who knows that I love chickens. But it was a stranger who had sent it, a stranger on Etsy. The box was filled with Garden Tea. Garden Tea is an organic fertilizer made from rabbit manure. It comes in organic fabric bags. You hang the bag in a filled watering can until the "tea" steeps (turns brown). Then use the water to fertilize your plants. So easy! And it's organic.

I had clicked this item as a favorite because I thought it was totally cool. And now I had some, but I had not ordered it.

The note inside the card said it was from Cedar Wool Farm who had recently ordered buttons from me. The card said:

Judy, Thank you for all your help and great service! All your extra effort is greatly appreciated! Please accept the "tea" as my thanks. Leslie.

Imagine, a thank you GIFT from a Customer! I was just floored, made me feel so good. The chicken card now lives on the shelf in my kitchen with my chicken collection. And the "tea" of course is being used for the plants.

This is just one more, of the many things that I love about Etsy. It's a nice place to buy art, but it is also a nice place to make new friends.

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  1. now that is just cool! And what a great product too!


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