Monday, February 16, 2009

Learning to use Photoshop

I am learning to use Photoshop to create buttons without actually making the buttons, until after they have sold.

Much trial and error. I know I could watch the instructional videos, but I find them so boring. They put me to sleep just like television does, well just like TV would if I had a TV.

So instead, I try this, click that, experiment, until something that somewhat resembles what I wanted it to look like appears on the screen. When I just can't get it, and my mind is totally blown, I email Donna and ask her my how-to question.

These altered My Little Pony photo buttons were a joint project. My daughter's friend painted and altered the ponies, My daughter photographed them, and I worked them in Photoshop.

Her friend has many more altered My Little Ponies. Punk, Goth, Magickal, Emo...I bet she even has a Vegan Pony. So there will be more pony buttons to come.

You can buy this set of Upcycled, Recycled, My Little Pony Altered Art Buttons at Portable Graffiti on Etsy.

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  1. Those rock! Yes, Photoshop is VERY handy to know how to use. You'll get it, just stick with it! Remember, there's always google. :) Your daughters friend should try and sell the ponies she revamps.


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